Saturday, September 10, 2005

big news!

Pssst…. Hey! Look to the right. See it? Over there? The link on top… this is big news… do you know why it’s on top? Apart from being alphabetical? Barnegat Books is mine. Well, it was mine before. Now it’s all mine. 100%. We have been working toward this for weeks, but now it has finally happened. Money changed hands last night. I bought out my partner (amicably thank goodness, as we are also friends). She and I wanted to take the business in separate directions, and now we can. How often is it that thing work our so win/win? It is an interesting next step to this adventure we call life.

And in knitting news, my next sock of the month kit arrived. It’s not a color I would have chosen off a web site, but I like it. I don’t have many solids, and I do have things it would go with, so I’m thinking these are for me. I really like how opal knits, and how soft it is. I think I am a converted opal girl.

The patter says advanced. I by no means think of myself as an advanced knitter. On the other hand, I’m having no issues (so far, knock on wood for me, please) with the intermediate. So I’m confident to at least try. And I know I can always frog if I get in too far over my head, and use something from one of my sock books (my other new obsession). I realize that sounds a little defeatist, but it also feels strangely reassuring. Another thing I’m please with is it has charts. I don’t’ have much experience reading charts (I was taught how, I’ve just never done a large project requiring them) so I’m looking forward to a bit of practice on a smaller project. I have ordered a couple of scarf/ shawl patterns from Knit Happens, and I like the idea of practicing on something small and not so costly.

Right now I’m reading Drop- Dead Bond to fill in some more time, as I am still waiting for it to be my turn to read my book from the library. So far it is light and fluffy and cute. A good no thinking, stress-buster… it’s four different short stories, written by for different women. What ties them together is that they are mysteries, and the main character is a blond woman. I had originally purchased it because I liked the idea of sampling four new (to me) mystery writers, and seeing if I liked or didn’t like any.

I think as there is a rain warning this afternoon, I might just have to cuddle up with my book and a cup of tea. Or maybe a sock if the satellite comes back and I have something to watch as I knit…

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