Wednesday, August 10, 2005


It’s Calgary. It’s August. I’m wearing wool socks. Enough said.

Last night was fabulous. I got to meet and get the new book from the yarn harlot. Stephanie was great. She was kind, funny and really made me think. DH accompanied me (as I am to chicken to go places by myself). When we got there, I ran in to Gina, an old friend through work that I haven’t seen for a couple of years. So we joined her and new friend Morgan. (Why is it that all other people we meet are acquaintances, yet fellow knitters are friends?) It was a lovely evening, and I don’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. My stomach hurt all night from the “bacon powder” story. Even DH laughed, and I wasn't sure it was his thing, and he is usually a pretty quiet guy.

As I couldn’t sleep last night, over excitement over what I would knit next, I thought about why I knit. The best reason I could come up with, is it’s a creativity outlet. Yes it is fun, and it is Zen and it keeps my hands busy. But I like the creative. I don’t think I have (since I got a grasp on knitting) knit anything according to the pattern. Sometimes it’s a different yarn. It’s always a different color. Sometimes I want two cables instead of one. Or lace instead of bobbles. You know what I mean. I like to play within the pattern. Sometimes it works. Or sometimes not. But the creative is fun.

I guess because this is supposed to be a knitting blog, I should actually put some knitting on. I’ll just name the couple of projects I'm working on most seriously right now, or we'll be here for days.
I’m making a Sigma Tank by Mark Waldron in blue cheap yarn. Just a starter, experiment project. I have learned short rows (although still having some problems with holes). And it’s easy and mindless, because it is garter going around and around. I’m on the straps at the back.
I’m working on a steering wheel cover from Stitch‘n Bitch Nation by Debbie Stoller. (although the pattern isn't by her, but I'm too lazy to go track it down right now, so you'll just have to go buy the book to find out :-P) I had some fun yarn kicking around,in a blue/ brown color that is working perfectly. I haven’t decided if I’m making the dice yet or not.

Then I have a pair of socks on the go with Regia self-patterning yarn. I normally wouldn’t choose these colors, but they felt fun and summery. If nothing else I can wear them around the house as slippers in the winter,for a bit of cheer. (sorry about the pic, but my camera has decided it will no longer work if it is not attached to the computer.)
Finally, I am about two squares off a blanket that I started in a class the city put on in the spring. I decided I wanted it twice the size, and yet it has taken 4 times the time. Go figure. It’s in two shade of green to match my couch, with cream highlights, and done in Patons Chunky. Very fun as every square is a different pattern, no time to get board, which was my fear with something that big. I’m a little nervous about putting it together, but can’t wait to see it done.

Right now I am reading, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I just finished Crispin: The Cross of Lead. by Avi and Eleven on Top by Janet Evanovich.

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Welcome to blogland! I've put a link to you on my blog.