Friday, August 12, 2005

Dpns debate

Notice the new addition to the blog. His name is Cooper. I thought I better include him, because he is usually helping (read: making life difficult) but sitting in my lap as I write. He better appreciate all the effort I went to, just to get his picture loaded. This blogging stuff isn’t easy, and I don’t’ think I would have gone to THAT much effort for the cats…

I’m having a large dpns internal debate. You see, DH and I were in the car in a rainstorm the other night, heading for the in-laws for dinner. SIL and her fiancĂ© were in town. I had brought along one pair of particularly addictive socks that I just couldn’t put down. Out of nowhere, one of these random thoughts that sometimes hit you in life flashed into my brain. If he were to crash this car, one of my Grammy’s 50 year old, foot long dpns would hit my abdomen and I would die. So not it is in my head that it is much safer to knit with something shorter and preferably not metal. So here is the debate, do I give bamboo a try, although I have heard they don’t necessarily slid too well? Or do I bit the bullet and go get some other the ones that are milk bases? (Casein Timbergrain Double Points) Do they even make plastic any more? I think I might just have to venture out to the LYS and check it out, and what ever else jump into my bag would be a bonus. Or do I just stick to the good old tried and true and stick to the couch? (Probably not going to happen, as it is way more fun to go and buy things…)

Which gives me not a bad excuse to check out a new LYS, which is 20 minutes from here. I heard about it from a friend a while ago, but haven’t been out that way since. (Three quarters of the journey would require a trip down Glenmore, and these days that is a scary though, but for yarn that would be worth it) I think this is the perfect excuse for a special trip, and don’t I deserve to be spoiled? Stash enhancement never bad. ;) Of course my new theory is that is my stash wasn’t so enhanced, I would get to go to the yarn store more often.

I feel bad if I don’t post a picture, because I know that I would rather read blogs with pictures then without, so here is my progress on my steering wheel cover.

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